Cumberland Salem Conservation District
1516 Route 77 PO Box 68
Deerfield Street, NJ 08313
Phone: (856) 451-2422
The Cumberland-Salem Conservation District is a special purpose subdivision of the State serving Cumberland and Salem Counties.  The Cumberland-Salem Conservation District is one of 15 soil conservation districts in New Jersey empowered to conserve and manage soil and water resources in cooperation with the State Soil Conservation Committee. We address soil erosion and sedimentation problems that result from land disturbance activities.

We work with the New Jersey Conservation Partnership on many statewide initiatives, in addition to working with local and federal agencies and watershed groups on natural resource projects.

NJ Conservation Partnership Mission Statement:
The mission of the NJ Conservation Partnership is to provide leadership in the planning and implementation of natural resource management programs for the agricultural and development communities and the general public through a locally based delivery system in coordination with local, state and federal partners.

Our office hours are 8:00 am - 3:30 pm Monday - Friday.